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 O F F I C E 

Our office atmosphere is a welcoming one! You will find that Dr. Dobash and his staff are friendly and compassionate. They treat each patient with respect. They are professional and courteous.

Dr. Dobash takes continuing education courses, enabling him to stay current on the latest technological advances in cutting edge dentistry. In addition, Dr. Dobash only utilizes quality, local dental laboratories. Infection control in the office is of utmost importance. All instruments and equipment are sterilized to the highest standards after every patient visit. Dr. Dobash and his staff clean and prepare the treatment area as if they will be the next patient!

Dr. Dobash takes pride in the many, positive reviews he has received online. He feels he has the greatest patients! He believes the importance of communication between himself and the patient is paramount.

In 2011, Dr. Dobash was recognized in Phoenix Magazine as a “Top Dentist.” This honor was the result of a survey of his peers in the dental profession. Phoenix Magazine states that peers in the dental profession are best qualified to judge the best in their field. Dr. Dobash refers out to dental specialists only when he feels it is necessary, and he refers to specialists that he views as the top in their field.

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